Case Study: Enhancing Employee Productivity and Satisfaction with Snack Club's Bulk Snack Station at Envato Guadalajara

Envato is a leading global marketplace for creative assets, empowering millions of people to bring their ideas to life through digital products.

With a strong focus on employee well-being and satisfaction, Envato understands the importance of providing a positive work environment.

As part of their efforts to support their employees needs and foster a productive atmosphere, Envato partnered with Snack Club to install a bulk snack station at their office.

This case study highlights the positive impact of this initiative on employee satisfaction, productivity, and team dynamics.

Equipo envato Guadalajara, México

Testimonial from Envato's Leadership Team:

  1. "Employees consume snacks to satisfy mid-morning and mid-afternoon hunger, which keeps them focused on their work." By having access to a variety of snacks, employees can effectively address their mid-morning and mid-afternoon hunger, allowing them to stay focused and productive throughout the day. Snacks serve as a convenient solution, saving time and ensuring employees have the fuel they need to perform their best.
  2. "Employees consume snacks as a snack break, which helps them maintain energy." Snacks serve as a nourishing and energizing option for employees. By consuming snacks during snack breaks, employees maintain their energy levels, avoiding energy slumps and enabling sustained focus and productivity.
  3. "Snacks provide a good boost to stay alert, connected, creative, and focused." The availability of snacks acts as a catalyst for employees to remain alert, engaged, creative, and focused on their tasks. The nutritious and enjoyable snacks offered at the bulk snack station provide employees with a mental boost, enhancing their ability to think creatively and concentrate on their work.
  4. "Employees stay in the office for longer time without having to go to the store to find something to eat, which increases their productivity." With the convenience of the bulk snack station, employees no longer need to leave the office to find something to eat. This reduces the time spent away from work and increases overall productivity. Employees can stay on-site, enjoying the snacks, and dedicating more time to their tasks.
  5. "Employees feel valued and at home when they have snacks." The presence of the bulk snack station makes employees feel valued and cared for, creating a sense of comfort and homeliness in the office environment. Knowing that their needs are taken into consideration by providing snacks helps foster a positive and supportive atmosphere.
  6. "Refilling snacks is a good moment where employees share experiences and chat with their colleagues, fostering teamwork or team building." Refilling the snacks at the station creates a communal experience where employees can engage in conversations and share experiences with their colleagues. This interaction not only promotes teamwork and collaboration but also serves as a valuable opportunity for team building and building positive relationships among employees.
  7. "Employees enjoy their snacks accompanied by their favorite drink, which they enjoy in every moment." The availability of snacks is complemented by employees' ability to enjoy them alongside their favorite beverages. This adds an extra level of enjoyment and satisfaction to each snacking moment, creating a positive association between the snacks and the overall workplace experience.
  8. "Some employees consume snacks as a side dish for their breakfast or lunch." For some employees, snacks act as a complement to their breakfast or lunch. They use the snacks as a side dish, enhancing the nutritional value and variety of their meals. This flexibility allows employees to customize their snack consumption based on their individual preferences and dietary needs.

Estación de snacks a granel en oficina de envato Guadalajara, México


Envato's collaboration with Snack Club to introduce a bulk snack station has proven to be a resounding success.

The availability of a wide range of snacks throughout the day has significantly contributed to employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being. By addressing their hunger, maintaining energy levels, fostering connectivity and teamwork, and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Envato has created a workplace where employees feel valued and motivated. The partnership between Envato and Snack Club stands as an example of how investing in employee needs can lead to a more positive and productive work environment.

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