5 Powerful reasones why we need a Micro Market in our office!

What is a Micro Market?

At its core, a micro-market is a store that runs on auto-pilot. It’s pre-loaded with healthy options like yogurt, bananas, apples and tofu chips for employees to peruse. Then, they’re free to purchase their favorites with an app in their cell phones, it’s that easy.

Created in 2011 by the National Automated Merchandise Association, the micro-market is somewhere between a vending machine and a convenience store. They’re spreading fast across the united states and now Mexico is joining the craze thanks to Snack Club. Much more wholesome than soda and chips and they don’t require any additional workers. Just set it up and allow it to work its magic.

A micro-market will take up space but should consist of one section of your breakroom or a less-used hallway. It includes a refrigerated section, a dry goods section and can have extras like an espresso machine or fruit basket. They’re great for any space as they can be personalized to your employees’ tastes so you know they’ll be swiping their cards to buy goodies at every break.

Why do I Want One in My Office?

There are a ton of reasons to add a micro-market as opposed to a standard vending machine to your office. To break it all down for you, Snack Club has listed the top five reasons to start planning your own micro-market right away.

1. A Variety of Diets

 A mixed group of people will guarantee you one thing - special requests. Maria is allergic to pistachios, Karen converted to veganism and your coding team only wants Bento Boxes. So, if you provide meal bars and beef jerky, you might as well throw money off a cliff.

A micro-market can come to your rescue. Talk to your employees, (or create a Health and Wellness Committee to head up the market), and ask them what they like to eat. For those Bento Boxes, you can have a daily delivery that stays warm in the cooked foods section. Some fruit and veggie mixes next to a blender will allow your vegans to stay green. A separate nut section will ensure everyone's safety.

What happens when you listen to your employees and respect their wishes? They stay on the team longer and work harder for the boss they love.

2. Attract the best talent

 Every company is searching for the best talent out there, having a Micro Market in your office can be a decision maker for a candidate between your company and others. It feels great to have healthy options of food, beverages and snacks every morning or when staying late at the office.

Your company can even subside a percentage of the cost of every meal or snack that’s available in the Micro Market, what does this mean? Increase happiness, productivity, loyalty and group integration.

Purchases made in the micro-market are cash-free. Employees don’t have to carry handfuls of change or their wallets away from their desks. Instead, they pay with preloaded cards or an app on their phones. This makes buying a snack faster and safer.

3. Higher Employee Satisfaction

The biggest frustration with transporting food to the office is the experience of having your food stolen. The worst! It also builds distrust between workers and makes them feel unsafe. Who would want to work in a place like that?

When a worker feels happy at a job, he or she is less likely to experience ill health, less inclined to goof off at work and more dedicated to his/her objectives. Sure, less time out of the office for lunch is nice, but if your team is choking down food they hate, they’ll blame you.

Keep your team happy with a fun, easy micro-market that solves these issues and keeps them from returning.

4. Healthier, Happier Workers

 If your team is noshing on dehydrated fruits, natural nuts, and vegetable chips, you’ll see a huge shift. No more afternoon slump, fewer sniffles in the wintertime, and less weight gain. We all love the internet, but it’s a fact that sitting all day is terrible for our health. Why pile onto the problem with greasy fast food and deep-fried snacks?

Keep your employees healthy and happiness will be a natural fall-out.

5. Convinience Open 24/7

It has happened to us all at the end of the month, campaign launches, projects that are very important for the company which require 100% of our skills and time. Whenever that happens, we arrive very early to the office and leave late at night. Don't worry with a Micro-Market you will always have options to eat healthier no matter what time it is.

Your boss asked you for a last minute report that you have to present first thing in the morning and you have nothing left to eat. Sounds familiar? Don't worry, the Snack Club Micro-Market is open 24/7, find that snack or drink that gives you energy to help you finish the job.

Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Snack Club is here to help you turn your break room into a dynamic part of your office. Contact us today to review your options and learn more about what we offer. Don’t wait - attract better talent and keep your best employees happy with better food and healthier snacks.

Are you ready to customize your snack box?

Lindsay Redifer is a food blogger who lives and writes in Mexico. You can reach her here or find her on Instagram as @lredifer.

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