5 Healthier Alternatives to Potato Chips

We love potato chips, but they don’t love us back. Too many chips add to our waistlines yet keep us from feeling full. But office workers go for them because they’re almost always around. That leads to greasy fingers, crumbs on computers and unsatisfied, dull workers.

Luckily for workers everywhere, there are better, equally crunchy snacks to take the place of chips. Healthy vitamin and protein-filled foods that any office will be happy to have in the break room. Keep reading if you want to make your team happy and healthy.

Amaranth Crisps, (Churros)

Amaranth is a perrenial plant that produces edible grains and leaves. We can use the grain in place of flour and offers a lot more to those who choose it over standard wheat.

The benefits of this grain merit their own article. It has over two grams of protein per serving. Plant proteins like amaranth break down into usable amino acids which the body can use to maintain energy.

Baked into straw-shaped crisps, it makes for a light, delectable snack. The round shape allows it to hold a lot of seasoning, packing each bite with flavor. Put these in your office to help employees stay full and keep going through a long work day.

Need more reasons to eat amaranth? It’s full of antioxidants to keep inflammation at bay and it helps us digest. It’s also an appetite suppressant, unlike they’re potato-flavored cousins, so it keeps us from overeating.

Dehydrated Bananas

“Wait!” I hear you cry. “Fruit is sugar. And dehydrated fruit is MORE sugar!”

It’s great you’re monitoring your sugar intake. However, bananas get a bad rap. Let’s look at this amazing fruit in dried form and why it can help us more than hurt us.

First, we need to keep serving size in mind. When you reach for dried fruit, you want about a ¼ C, (32 grams). That way, you avoid the sugar spike.

In a dried state, bananas are a great source of nutrients and fiber. They also have more potassium, making them a wonderful post-morning workout snack. Calories are denser in dried bananas, so this is a good snack to reach for when you don’t have time for lunch.

Carrot Chips

First, make sure you’re eating dehydrated or baked carrot chips, not fried. A bath in boiling oil will undo all the good in this famous veggie, while dehydration and baking will keep its benefits intact.

So, why carrot chips? The main reason is - they’re super light. As always, portion size is important, but for a quick nosh between meals it’s hard to go wrong with bright, orange slices dipped in seasonings. Carrots crisp up when dehydrated or baked and give a nice crunch. They look pretty and pair well with all kinds of flavors, savory or sweet.

Unlike standard chips, these replace fat with vitamin A and vitamin C. They also have plenty of fiber to keep you fuller longer.

Beet Chips

For reasons unclear to me, many people have an aversion to beets. This baffles me - these purple gems have a deep flavor that lends itself to snacking. When baked, the chips get a strong, satisfying snap with each bite and the taste has no comparison. Dehydrated, they lose some of their spine, giving them a lighter texture for a nice graze between breakfast and lunch.

Another great source of fiber, these chips will curb your appetite after a serving. A great source of vitamin C and Magnesium to keep your brain hard at work. Beets are perhaps most famous for how much they help our circulation. This bloody vegetable is wonderful for anyone with high blood pressure or poor blood flow, making them a natural choice for a between-meal snack.

The best thing about beets is how well they pair with seasonings. Many companies make beet chips with salt and rosemary, but have you tried a spicy version? You must, you will never go back. Order up some fiery goodness here.

Dried Tofu Chips

I know, I know. You tried tofu once and it was gross and you swore you’d never eat it again. We’ve all been there. Tofu cooked incorrectly is a huge disappointment. But tofu in the right hands becomes something magical - great, protein-packed food that can taste like whatever it is that you’re craving.

Tofu is essentially a cheese, but it’s made from soybeans instead of milk so its flavor is bland until the chef seasons it. When sliced thin, seasoned and baked or dehydrated, tofu becomes a light, crispy chip you can eat without guilt.

This snack is low in calories and high in healthy fats, (which help your metabolism), has seven grams of protein per serving and five percent of your daily iron.

Tofu’s real magic lies in its neutral flavor. That means the cook can control how the tofu will taste once it’s cooked. Do you believe tofu can taste like fried pork skin? Order your package today and find out.

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 Lindsay Redifer is a food blogger who lives and writes in Mexico. You can reach her here or find her on Instagram as @lredifer.

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