10 Benefits to Healthy Snacks in the Office

Are snacks an investment? Surprisingly, yes! A round of healthy eats in the break room or communal table makes for tons of helpful boosts both for individual workers and your team.

How is this possible? Employees with access to high-quality, low-fat and great tasting snacks see a myriad of positive effects. If you want an outstanding, creative and hard-working team, keep reading.

  1. Better Snacks Mean Better Focus

Antioxidants found in colorful fruits and veggies like blueberries or coffee reduce damage from unnatural sources, like pollution or second-hand smoke. More antioxidants in our diets may reduce stress, stave off depression and fight back anxiety. A happy, healthy employee is more focused on his or her daily tasks and less likely to get behind.

  1. Less Time off-Site

If your workers have food available in the office, your team is much less likely to go out for things like coffee and bagels or sodas. An on-site team can achieve much more than one consistently short one or two people. Be sure to keep snacks and drinks free and within the view of workers.

  1. Attract better Talent

Today’s high-achievers get offered more perks than health insurance or time off. Workers now expect more for their time. Even small businesses need to plan on office morale and support beyond daily administration.

If you want the best of the best, make your office pleasant and accommodate as many needs as you can. A simple thing like a display of snacks in the break room can be the difference between “Yes, I want the job!” and “No thanks.”

  1. Less Turnover

When a team member doesn’t feel included or cared for, he or she will look for something better. That’s a major loss for you. Hiring and training new employees can cost the equivalent of six to nine month’s salary. This includes small businesses and service industry jobs.

High turnover is terrible for morale and a bad way to run your business. Don’t spend that money on new hires - invest in great food and keep the good ones from leaving.

  1. Employees need fewer sick days

Many employees care for themselves with a day or two off when they feel ill. Encourage them to augment their health with basic dietary changes, starting with the workplace.

You can take this further with walking clubs, yoga breaks during the day and deals with nearby gyms.

People surrounded by healthy people are more likely to keep an eye on their weight and habits. That means much less time sick in bed.

  1. Workers take new habits home

An amazing thing happens after a day of healthy food - we continue to make healthy choices in a second location. Your workers can take their newfound love of sweet potato chips or dried mango home to their families and encourage them to eat the same things. This reinforces new habits and keeps everyone eating well.

  1. No afternoon slump

The late-in-the-day slump is so common we often excuse it, but why should we be so tired after lunch? Perhaps the problem is our food choices.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to end the work day on a high note, with everyone feeling great about all the tasks they accomplished? Encourage that high level of energy with high-protein bites throughout the day. That way, the slump won’t take hold of them and they’ll be able to keep the same energy levels they have in the morning.

  1. Sharper thinking

One of the best things in healthy food is all the B vitamins. These are the superheroes that detoxify our blood, protect our brain matter and improve our memory. A diet that includes foods high in all the B vitamins is one that keeps us thinking, helps our creativity flow and gives us richer, deeper memories.

  1. Physical health leads to Mental Health

Is there anything worse than a jaded, depressed worker who slumps into his seat every morning? Don’t accept the bare minimum from your workers, get your office healthy so your workers can love coming into the office every day.

We all know we’re more confident and happier when we take care of ourselves. Why put it off? Set the tone for your workers and join them on the road to good health.

  1. Time to share and exchange ideas

Eating together has always been the way humans communicate best. Our stress levels go down when food is on the table and we’re less formal or reserved when we eat together.

Give your team breaks throughout the day to snack and chat. It won’t take long before you see great ideas come out of these mini-breaks and a team that works better together.

Are you ready to customize a snack box? 


Lindsay Redifer is a food blogger who lives and writes in Mexico and collaborator for Snack Club. You can reach her here or find her on Instagram as @lredifer

Lindsay Redifer is a food blogger who lives and writes in Mexico and collaborator for Snack Club. You can reach her here or find her on Instagram as @lredifer.

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